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Inventor's Lounge

Purpose Usual Timline Our Timeline Existing Cost Our Price
3-6 months 1 month Rs.1,75,000/ Nill
Application 3 months 1 month Rs.50,000/- Nill
Production 4 months 2 months Rs.1,00,000/- Nill
Marketing 3 months 2 months Rs.1,00,000/- Nill
Total 1-2 year/s 6 months Rs.4,25,000/- *Rs.1,50,000/-


*Total amount subject to factors as follows:
        material type, design, application, documentation and certification levels for marketing.
*Amount to be paid in post-dated cheques of equally divided sum within 12 months.
*Timeline dependant on invention specifications.
*If ideal, by the end of six months, returns will start & aid in inventor’s benefits

   -This allows the inventors to realise their dream of seeing their product/s
benefitting the masses while they can concentrate on their next novel idea
leaving all the worries to us at a nominal price that is payable in easy instalments