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Social Responsibilities




In tie-up with Dr.Medicals, NGV, we organised a free cancer awareness and screening camp in association with Kidwai Cancer Hospital at Judicial Block, National Games Village, Bangalore. The event was highly successful with over 150 people in attendance including Director of Kidwai hospital, Representatives of Karnataka State Judicial Officer’s Association, Canara Bank and Residents of NGV.

Reverse feeding spoon: We have given out this device to more than a hundred patients free of cost although it cost us rupees five hundred to manufacture each piece. Initially crowd-funded, it has been our goal to manufacture and market the appliance with best quality material for less than rupees hundred per piece with intention to reach-out to as many patients as possible, rich or poor.

Asha Pad: Determined to provide low-cost diapers to chronic/long-term users (patients, children and adults), we have come up with cheapest pads having deodorizing property by unique manufacturing process. Each new patient be provided with easy to adapt and disposal kit. By implementing this, we are not only promoting hygienic and clean will environment but also we shall be providing employment opportunities to many.

Further plans of providing free medicines and counselling are underway in association with NGOs like Sanman Volunteers’ Society and Banjara academy, Bangalore.