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Monson Sphere Analyzer

Vaatsalya Inventures
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Monson Sphere Analyzer is a device very useful in determining and establishing occlusal plane with accurate employment of Compensatory Curves during your wax-up or teeth-settings, whether it is a  complete/partial fixed/removable prosthesis in lab or in clinic before final cementation.  

MSA is a versatile device in that it does not require any additional equipment or attachments and can be used with any articulator and even without articulator.

While using this device:

  1.     Flat surface can be used to analyze standard Maxillary arch teeth arrangement.
  2.     Curved surface has to be used to analyze Mandibular teeth.
  3.     Any part of the curved surface can be used to analyze as it is continued surface of one sphere.


An entirely 3D printed device, will be shipped with appropriate packing.

MRP Includes Tax and standard shipping charges within India

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