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Reflect mouth mirror system - complete kit

Vaatsalya Inventures
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REFLECT is a first of its kind, "Patented" Innovative product from a Dentist to a Dentist.

It is a Pressure-operated Self-Cleansing illuminated dental intraoral mirror which aids in clear continuous indirect vision of the oral cavity during procedures.

In routine practice, dental procedures are frequently interrupted due to water accumulation and fogging of the mirror, especially if working on the upper quadrants.

With the auto-cleansing mechanism of REFLECT, one can overcome this issue and work with greater ease and efficiency.

The use of LED Light in digital panel of REFLECT is aimed at better visibility and accessibility in areas which are often poorly illuminated by the over-head light.

REFLECT utilizes compressed air from the dental chair itself, making the attachment economical and working of the instrument extremely user-friendly.


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Complete kit including 4 mirror heads.

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